Psalms Resources

History of Church Music, especially the singing of Psalms.
A Brief History of Psalmody

Isaac Watts, "Father of English Hymnody"

Psalm Settings: Old and New

The Psalms of David in Metre (Scottish Psalter)
Watts Paraphrases ("The Psalms of David, Imitated in the Language of the New Testament")
Watts (complete on one page)

from Worship Map

Hear Them!

NIV in streaming audio
Metrical Psalms sung a capella

How Do We Use the Psalms?

"Why do you sing chants, psalms, and traditional music?"
"How long, O Lord, will we forget?" (by David Lee)
"The Secret of the Psalter" (by Dietrich Bonhoeffer) -the Psalter as the prayer of Christ and his Church

"Exclusive Psalmody"(using only Psalms in worship)
    the general worship issues raised by the following articles are worth wrestling with
The Church's Perfect Hymn Book (D. W. Comin) intermediate
Purity of Worship more technical

Psalm Studies

Studies In The Psalms (M. Copeland) -an introduction to studying the Psalms
Christ in the Psalms (E. S. McKitrick)
Types of Psalms (Dennis Bratcher)
Sunday School Lessons with study questions
Devotionals from Psalms
Psalmfinder by Ken Collins

Jamieson, Fausset & Brown
Spurgeon's Treasury of David

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